Hiring, Upskill and empower girls who grew up in orphanages

Hiring, Upskill and empower girls who grew up in orphanages

polka.dot.coco is a small brand that exists to fulfill its vision of Hiring, Upskilling and training girls who grew up in Orphanages around South Africa. This is a gap that we believe we need to take as some of these precious young adults often have no planned future should they not get scholarships to further their education.

Streets, GBV, unwanted pregnancy or drug abuse shouldn't be their next option when there are small or large businesses in South Africa who can play their part.

Our MADE BY HAND accessories are fun, happy and remind us to take care of the environment while looking great, stylish and proudly South African.

We also work with individual, various small brands and a factory to who provide their off-cuts, that could have ended up in our beautiful landfills which is what we use. We then took a step further to make our own Plantable seed paper packaging for our earrings. We collect old school exam papers from our local primary school and we make our own packaging with seeds.

As we are working towards our vision, the next step is to move from our very small working room (as we are working from home) to a bigger workshop where we can begin to hire.

With your purchase, you have played a big part to help get that girl off the streets keep our environment safe and clean and our hearts happy.

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