A conversation about sustainability

A conversation about sustainability


"From using leather off-cuts, donated by fellow designers, to hand shredded cotton threads for our happy earrings and packaging made from old exam papers from a local primary school which would have landed in the land-fields, this is an educational venture we have come to embrace." Phumzile - polkadotcoco

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Our packaging is made from old school exam papers. Our creative director approached one of the teachers about all the paper the school generally use per term and we saw a need to assist getting rid of all their paper as the new term approaches.

The Process: We shred the paper, cut, turn it to pulp and dry it and make beautiful repurposed packaging, it does not end there. Our packaging comes with seeds for consumers to plant.  We often add any herb seeds (rocket, basil etc). This is a win-win for all. Not only do you get a gift but you can also enjoy a lovely addition to your salad, straight off your garden (or potplant).

polkadotcoco pink cotton thread earring on sustainable packaging

Cotton Threads

An ordinary conversation between ourselves and customers at any of our pop events have turned to extraordinary reality. The excitement is immensely seen on their faces as soon as we mention that we use shredded pieces of threads/cotton to some of our accessories as part of our sustainable range. "I normally sew and I usually throw the ends of thread as I am not sure what to do with them" is what we usually hear. Then a meaningful conversation starts about how a small thread of cotton can threaten and kill birds. This is a very exciting  journey that we thoroughly enjoy and are learning from as well. The idea to re-use cotton threads started as we researched more on fashion and came across an article on how birdlife is affected through threads of various kind and sealife as well. An idea came to use the cotton threads that we use on a regular basis to cut it to smaller pieces so it does not affect wildlife. 


Leather Off-cut and Material

Not only do we receive cotton threads, we also receive leather off-cuts and material from designers/makers. We introduce an Anti-dumping campaign on their side and sustainable remaking on our side, this is a sustainable collaboration for both parties. We have created beautiful products from the sustainable material received. We completely appreciate this kind of collaboration.

"As designers who are based in Durban, we have seen firsthand the effects left by the floods and are more aware of the dangers that waste has on blocked drains. This is a small contribution but if each business and individuals took the time to play a small part then we will have a collective goal of an environmentally conscious society" Phumzile - polka.dot.coco

When you buy a polka.dot.coco accessory, not only are you supporting a local designer, but you are also playing a huge part in our sustainable journey and environment as well as helping seeing our vision come to life.

A small change is a BOLD move.


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